Important Fortnite Tips

If your are young and a gamer then definitely you love playing Fortnite on your mobile or PC. Fortnite addicts read on , our tips can make your life easier and help you get the most out of this game. On this piece we are going to share some simple tips and tricks. The choice is yours but if you follow them, they definitely will make a great difference in your effort to survive throughout the game.

Watch the pros

Top players in Fortnite from around the world stream themselves playing the game . Make it a point to see where they land, what they do when they land, what weapons they would like to use, what they build and how they handle the last pressure-filled minutes of a match.

Keep practicing

Fortnite does offers a Playground mode that gives players ample free opportunities to scour the island outside of a match. This provides a the ability to explore the island and learn how to build without the pressure of being eliminated.

Learn to stay silent

This is very basic, make sure you make very little noise. If another player in the surroundings is aware of you, they may have an advantage over you. So to put it simply you may want to walk instead of running as running would make a lot of noise.

Moreover, it’s better to make sure that your surroundings are secure while you are attempting to build or scavenge different resources .

Use Headphones

Epic made changes to the sound in the game by adding 3D Audio. Given the fact that every player wants to have an advantage of their fellow players, make sure you go for a quality pair of headphones. In Fortnite, if you know the location of other players, it will be very easy for you to beat them. Therefore wearing headphones is of great importance. Hear will will help you know the faintest of sounds and then you should watch out.

Be Irrationally Anxious

You should be active while playing the game. If you get scared easily, then probably this game is not for you. So this implies you may not want to relax as there is always a player near you. They are all set to aim at you with their shotgun. When you hear a noise, don’t do anything except wait.

Drink Shield Potions

The moment you get a potion, make it a point to drink it right away. The potion provides you a shield that can protect you throughout the match. But keep in mind that it won’t protect your life if you fall down. It will also give you the option to stack two, which will double your maximum health. So you see you will have a lot of advantage.

Engage with Certainty

Fortnite is different from other multiplayer shooters, the primary objective of Fortnite Battle Royale is to survive, not to get kills. This is probably one of the most important Fortnite tips we can give to you: remember you could get 90  kills and still lose the game.

Make it a point to survive to the very end, and that means you need ascertain whether any engagement is necessary at times. Unnecessary engagement might alert the target and nearby players to your location, bringing a premature end to your game.

Loot the corpses with utmost care

Once you kill someone, don’t head over to the body right away . You need to move carefully to collect the items as other players are on the lookout to kill you. When looting, you are the most vulnerable.

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